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from Euripides' Trojan Women

A short film of the famous greek monologue read by Corinna Seeds.

Music and Production (Logic Pro) by Patrick Stockbridge for Barefaced Greek​

Email for any film enquiries.

Transendental Waltz
00:00 / 10:48
Love Song Project - The Rush DEMO
00:00 / 04:13

Transcendental Waltz

for Chamber Orchestra

A musical argument between dancing Ogres and flying Pixies.

Workshopped and performed by the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group at the CBSO Centre, 2011

Conducted by Christopher Austin


The Rush

for Solo Piano

A love song composed for the William Howard love song competition 2016.

From Moors to Dales - Conservatoire vers
00:00 / 10:36

From Moors to Dales

for Symphony Orchestra

A piece inspired by the Yorkshire landscape

Performed by the University of Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra

at the Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham on 26/11/11

Conducted by Andrew Kirkman


When That I Was A Little Tiny Boy - Patr
00:00 / 02:01

When That I Was But A Tiny Boy

A setting of the Shakespeare song from Twelfth Night,

written for a Royal Shakespeare Company competition.


Words by William Shakespeare,

Music by Patrick Stockbridge

Performed by William Morgan


The Greater Game - SLG Edit
00:00 / 05:12

The Greater Game 

for Young voices, Soprano and Tenor

Performed by Louisa Tee, William Morgan, Patrick Stockbridge and John Keats School. Music by Patrick Stockbridge, Libretto by Helen Eastman

Performed as part of the Remembrance day events in November 2014 in the Elgar Room at the Royal Albert Hall.

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