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Patrick values the importance and effectiveness of music within the community; to bring people together, improve skills that enhance aspects of everyday life and to spread the joy of music-making and music appreciation.

Patrick and his colleague William Carslake were featured in a BBC Radio 4 programme about their work with children with Special Educational Needs. You can listen to the programme here: When Words Fail , Music Speaks

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Patrick has delivered singing and composition workshops to children all over the UK sessions.  Patrick strives for all children to learn a basic level vocal/instrumental technique and music theory in a fast-paced, fun and creative environment.

Patrick has led workshop sessions for Armonico Consort, Ark Music, Hackney Music Development Trust, Jackdaws, Turtle Key Arts​ and worked at Snape Maltings through Aldeburgh Young Musicians as a mentor for aspiring young artists.



Patrick has worked with children and adults with a broad spectrum of Special Educational Needs in a safe and creative musical environment.

Creative projects through Camden Music Hub, Armonico Consort, Jackdaws and Turtle Key Arts have proved extremely rewarding for all involved and have provided opportunities for these young people to engage with music at their own level and perform at venues including Royal College of Music, Symphony Hall and the Royal Albert Hall.  

Patrick often collaborates with composer and conductor William Carslake and their workshops in Telford 2017 were featured in a BBC Radio 4 programme 'When Words Fail , Music Speaks'  (click for link) .


Between 2017-22, Patrick has led a number of workplace choirs around the country; energising and inspiring the teams to create a happy and united workforce. He worked with staff at universities, hospitals, Coventry City Council and Phillips 66/Jet.

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Patrick has worked as a co-leader and accompanist for the Liberty Choir (click for link), run by MJ Paranzino which run singing sessions in prisons with the help of community choir volunteers.


Patrick has visited HMP Wandsworth, HMP Highdown and Downview and has found his experiences rewarding, educational and inspiring on many levels. 

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