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JANUARY: The Musical Revue

JANUARY: The Musical Revue, a musical cabaret all about the month of January and what makes it the worst month of the year (in many people’s minds!).


With a cast of three, presented by our MC we hear songs, sketches and observations covering topics such as: the bad weather, having no money, relationship break-ups, dieting and Dry January, all with a cheeky, positive spin to keep away the January blues.


Originally produced in January 2016 at the Canal Café Theatre and revised for 2017 at the Crazy Coqs, Piccadilly starring Julie Atherton as MC.


JANUARY: The Musical Revue 2017 (Crazy Coqs, London) featuring Marc Pickering, Julie Atherton and Hannah Grover

7) Whey Oh Paleo - JANUARY 2017
10) A Very Short Song About Tax - JANUAR
4) Mary In The Canaries - JANUARY 2017.m

The perfect pick-me-up that January requires.

Barry O'Reilly for West End Wilma (Click for full review)

Proper comic relief for first month of the year

Mind the Blog

Stockbridge’s songs are invariably well-paced, beautifully structured, neatly written and lie gratefully on the voice.

Julian Eaves - (Click for full review)

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