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YURI is a biographical musical about the life of Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin. This full-length two act musical has a cast of between 12-15 and after a workshop at the University of Birmingham is currently in development.


Yuri was raised under Nazi rule in the communist Soviet Union and always had a passion for flying. After the war he took flying lessons and joined the military as a pilot, before being invited on a highly dangerous, secret mission - to be the first man in space. Our story follows Yuri from his humble beginnings to becoming one of the most famous people on the planet, set against the backdrop of a fearful and competitive Cold War world.


Patrick would be interested in developing the material with the support of a keen producer - if you are interested in the project get int touch at

Bless Our Land - EW Orchestration 1st MiArtist Name
00:00 / 03:22
Yuri Wedding Scene - Orchestration - 1stArtist Name
00:00 / 01:48
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